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Colourful Branding blobs


We absolutely love custom ideas and creations. From TV shows to video games, to just a really good bag that matches your favourite coat. If there's something you'd like but haven't seen on our store, just fill in the form below to make an enquiry!

Spaces are limited and there may be a waiting list in place at the time of your enquiry.

So you're enquiring for a commission?Here are some quick questions to help you when writing your message!

  1. When will you need your order by?

  2. Do you have a budget in mind?

  3. Any colour choices!

  4. Extra special things to make it your own, these could be a message, lyrics, logo etc.

  5. What would you like it lined in? This is a little pocket of happiness, dogs, cats, sunflowers, its your choice!

  6. Anything we should take into account? A pocket for your inhaler or a clip for your keys, it's custom made for you so lets make it perfect!

Thanks for submitting!

Colourful Branding blobs
Colourful Branding blobs
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