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Dice Bag Workshop Experience

Hosted in our beautiful studio surrounded the fantastic heritage of Leigh Spinners Mill, we welcome you to the incredible Dice Bag Workshop!


Discover more details below about our private 1-to-1 Workshop and sign up to our newsletter for information on everything from bag-making to beyond!

 An absolutely brilliant workshop for the crafter who likes to try something new and a bit different! Create your own amazing leather goblin pouch to store all your goodies and trinkets... or dice!

Perfect for tabletop gamers, dungeons and dragons fans, the crafty geek, or someone who's "tried everything" - we bring you this unique and unusual workshop to get your creativity flowing. So why not join us and discover the joy of leathercrafting!

workshop structure

This session is privately booked for 1 day from 10am to 5pm, with a 1-hour lunch break.



We start your day with a bang by forming the shape of your pouch. We look at facial features and expressions. After shaping your friend is left to dry and, we can begin moulding details such as teeth or horns for your final assembly.


Once your friend is dry enough to hold his shape, it's onto colouring them. Pick from our huge range of leather dyes to select your perfect shade. We explore shadow, highlights and how to add detail to the surface of your pouch.
Once they're all painted up, we can head for a lovely lunch whilst your project dries.

dice bags_edited.png


Coming back from a lunch break, it's time to assemble! Firstly we choose eyes and set them in. Once the eyes are in, we can begin the process of stitching your pouch. You don't have to be a sewing expert for this - the more chaotic the better it looks! Finally we add teeth and finishing touches before you take your new friend away!

what will you craft?

In this workshop you will make one goblin dice bag of your own creation. There are no patterns to follow in this class, instead we see where the day and inspiration takes us.


The session is designed to be much more experimental and free than our other workshops and is tailored to those looking at leather for mixed media purposes rather than traditional leatherworking techniques. It's perfect for those who have a strong craft background as well as those who have none. The main outcome of the dice bag workshop is to have fun and be as creative as possible whilst making something super unique!

Handmade leather dicebag for dungeons and dragons
Handmade leather dicebag for tabletop gaming
Handmade leather goblin dice bag for dnd

what's included?

Your session includes all your materials and use of the studio and it's contents for the day on a private 1-to-1 basis with our experienced and professional leathercraft tutor. Our workshop space is jam packed with goodies to stylise your pouch - we have everything from fake sweets to gold leaf to moss!

We cannot guarantee pouches will be lined during the course of your workshop - this will depend on time constraints and student requirements. Cooler weather can slow down curing and drying times.

We also have a small cafe's worth of tea, coffee and snacks whilst you craft!

Leather dicebag making workshop
Make your own leather dicebag for dnd
How to make a leather dice bag for tabletop gaming

what our students say!

Andrew and Marion

Wow look what we made!

We formed and stained the leather, stitched it into a bag and made the fangs. We went away proud of our creations, a fun day.

Jane Marsh

"Fantastic day, really good fun and enjoyed making my super cute Dice Bag. Pipa is a great teacher, knowledgeable, fun and above all - patient ! Would recommend this course to anyone!"

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