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Macrame Planter Bag

Macrame Planter Bag

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Aren't plants great? Their little green leaves keeping us company and freshening our air, fantastic.

What if you could wear your plants with pride? And not only wear, but store all your belongings inside it's little plantpot body. With the convinience of never having to water this little guy, even if you don't have green thumbs, you can enjoy this plantpot like everyone else with their snazzy plant collections!

Handmade in our UK studio entirely from veg tan leather, hand woven macrame and a beautiful sunflower lining, this bag will absoultely put a smile on your face as well as everyone else who sees it. The leaves and flowers are also adjustable, meaning you can tweak their placement to sit comfortably against your body. The macrame holder is also removable, allowing you to sit the bag down or use it as a desk decoration if you don't have a hanging spot! 


If you would like any adjustments made to this bag, such as a longer crossbody strap or permanently attaching the macrame, please drop us an email!

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