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Craft Your Own - Maple Pochette Kit

Craft Your Own - Maple Pochette Kit

It's finally here! Our Maple Pochette can now be yours!


For all you crafters out there we've created the perfect thing to skip the wait, introducing our pochette kits!! This kit has been completely tailored from the absolute novice, to the crafty whiz. All you will need to supply is the Netflix show you haven't found time to binge yet!


With all the holes and pieces pre-cut by our wonderful laser cutting whiz, GMMoley, there is no need for fancy tools and wizardry. If you're feeling a bit nervous about the idea of making your bag, thats okay! We really really would love everyone to learn and have fun crafting. So we fully set up the studio to host online tutoring, you can pick this extra up at any time from our online store and an online call will be arranged to personally talk you through the process any any questions you may have! Every single one of our products is made by hand, bespoke for you.


Using high quality vegtan leather, each item is produced here in our wonderful British studio.


-- Technical info - -

Painted Kits - A bit overwhelmed? Your kit will be painted here in the studio in the blossom colours. Please note that there is an additonal processing time of 1 week for these orders.


Unpainted Kits - Give it a go! These are the purest of pure and allow you to decorate to your hearts content. Want some different colours? Or fancy doing your bag entirely in glitter? (Please send us photos of them finished!!) All you need is acrylic paints and you're good to go! Have any questions first about a funky idea? Send us an email and we will do our best to advise!



Kit Includes:

Leather Pieces


Waxed Thread


Double sided tape



Please note: These are NOT assembled bags. These are strictly the componants to create your own bag. Kit bags will not be lined due to their construction methods, but crafters have the option to line their own with the instructional steps provided. If we're out of stock right now, you can join our mailing list to be notified of the next opening.

PriceFrom £100.00
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