Some of the main questions we get asked on our courses and workshops are all about where to purchase leather and tools from. What's the best brands? Where is there to shop?


Our 26 page Leathercraft Buyers guide covers all of this and more, ensuring you get all the information you need to navigate the world leatherworking.


This guide covers where to buy: Leather, tools, hardware, dyes and finishes. As well as what to look out for when shopping on Ebay and Amazon, this booklet also includes a two page article exploring beginners leatherworking kits and the differences between spending £30 and £300. 

Intended as an accompanyment to our Basic Leatherworking Course, we have made this booklet available to the public for purchase. 

Leathercraft Buyers Guide

  • Copywrite of The Wolf Workshop.

    Not for unauthorised distrobution. Sharing of this document is strictly prohibited.

    The Wolf Workshop is in no way affiliated with the companies in this brochure. 

    This brochure has been created by The Wolf Workshop for students and course attendees to source materials within the UK as a gesture of goodwill.


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