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June Update

Hi Everyone! We've had a pretty intense few months here at the workshop. In March, we lost all our social media and associated accounts after a hack. We have since relaunched on Instagram and Twitter! Whilst our Facebook page exists, it is no longer accessible and we are unable to respond to messages or posts. If you're new to the workshop, its a great place to see our first year of work! You can follow the new pages here: Instagram and Twitter




With the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, we have been following government guidelines to work from home. This means that there may be longer or more varied processing times on orders, we are working as hard as we can to fullfill all orders in a timely manner, however the temporary workspace is causing several drawbacks. We ask for your patience at this time and if there are any urgent requests, please contact us.


Believe us when we say, we really really want to reopen workshops and the studio again. I absolutely love teaching and sharing knowledge with you all, and those who have attended our workshops previously will know how devastated I am. However everyone's safety is my highest priority, and therefore the studio will remain closed until it is safe to do so. Currently, there are some back plans for online tutoring, however I don't yet feel that these are up to the standard and quality of the courses we already offer.

With the opening of Hairdressers, tattoo artists and other similar close proximity places of work due hopefully in July, I will be planning to follow these guidelines. Until this information is released, I cannot gauge if the workshop is suitable to reopen or how changes can be implemented. In the current situation, I would rather the workshop remain closed for longer rather than presenting a tuition where you leave non the wiser.

Any gift vouchers purchased before Christmas are still valid. All courses will be re-booked and rescheduled on a first come- first served basis. When we reopen courses, all those with existing vouchers and bookings will be able to re-book their session before we reopen to the public.


Cherry Blossom Pochette

We're working insanely hard on these little beauties. The first couple of bags are ready to ship and will be posted this week!

Its been a good few weeks of work on these bags. Due to Covid, we've been unable to take on any extra hands and we've had a lot of trouble getting certain stock from our usual suppliers. However we are now fully stocked for the launch of these bags. We will be offering a whole range of items to suit your requirements including kits and patterns. This means if you'd rather give one a go yourself, or prefer a different material than leather, we can give you all the tools to make one! (We reaaaaaally miss teaching).

We've had the wonderful Helen Alice Sews help out digitising the pattern. We've also teamed up with the incredible Lisa Baggy who is crafting some special little treats for Pochette customers!

The launch of these bags is really exciting, and we've worked super hard on producing them! A full blog post on these will be coming soon, but we want to say a massive thankyou to every single person who shared and posted our little bag, we're so so grateful and what was a truly terrible time when I was close to closing the doors, it gave us so much hope.


Reopening the Studio

At present, I'm not sure when this is allowed to happen. This week it was the first day back to my beautiful cutting table, but unfortunately I was greeted by a large amount of flooding in the workshop. This happened right above the work benches and tool rack, meaning there is a little bit of work now added to the top of the to-do list before I can get back to normal operations.

Our landlords are also performing compulsory building works on the floor, meaning there is a little red tape that I have no control over. I have all fingers crossed that we can return to the studio soon and get back to normal runnings!

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