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Making the Fiona Saddle Bag

The Fiona Saddle bag is new to our store this week along with a whole host of other gorgeous designs. Here is a closer look at this creation which was shipped to the wonderful Fiona of Cucina Cafe in Leigh.

Fiona first saw this saddle bag when she visited our studio in September 2019. It was an unfinished piece from a couple of years ago that was now being used to decorate the studio shelves. Due to the amount of time the decorative edging takes, the piece was never completed.

It sat for some time before Fiona fell in love with it. She asked for it to be completed so she could give it the home it deserved. Honestly, I really do have a special place in my heart for this bag and was happy to oblige.

The front design of the bag was entirely hand painted using copper leather paint and alcohol based dyes, giving a subtle metallic effect and 3D appearance. It was tricky to make both sides of the piece symmetrical whilst still retaining some sense of hand created rustic feel that fit so well with the bags design.

When dyed, I created a very subtle antiqued patina effect with several shades of dye. This shading brings warmth and depth to the bag, giving it a beautiful aged feel. Once all dying and decoration was completed, it was finished by lacing the whole outside of the bag. This process took several hours of work with each 5 inch run taking around 20 minutes.

Want to know more? You can check out the store listing right here!

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